Wednesday, October 31

Happy Unbirthday... I mean Halloween!

Alice... in Wonderland!

Berkleigh: Alice with her painted red rose and her "bread and butter-fly".
(And her awesome costume that my mom made is still with the USPS somewhere. I thought that "neither snow, nor sleet..." oh well, we will get it tomorrow. As for today, I had an awesome afternoon making a new Alice costume. USPS is on my naughty list.... "it will get there on Monday." Ha)

Merrick: The Mad Hatter 
Best part, that he is wearing Berkleigh's green skinnies. He might need a pair, cause I just wanted to eat him alive in those pants. 

Quincy: The Queen of Hearts.
Oh that crown makes me swoon. If you were fortunate to get a texty poo with her precious face and crown early today, then "Your welcome".

Jen: The Cheshire cat. I had greater hopes for this costume, however, I had to make an Alice costume in an hour and a half.

Tyson: A card soldier. See that suspicious face?
 He is the culprit to the red
 He always is.

And there you have it. 
I love me some Halloween, but the minute it is over, I have a big sigh of relief.
Now, excuse me while I go raid my children's candy baskets...

Monday, October 29


The truck hasn't made its way out of the closet for awhile.
Kinda sad since it has been played with hardcore for the past 5 years.
I was almost thinking of selling it, when Merrick got it out and stuck Quincy inside it.
Now I hear the familiar sound of the wheels zooming all over the house, except this time there is a little squeal of happiness coming from the babe inside.

Friday, October 26

baby einstein

Quincy gets to watch Baby Einstein in the morning while I start my morning chores. She is mesmerized by it.
And can often be found in positions like this for more 10 minutes at a time with no movement...

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:
(We watch with crowns on, it is more fun that way.)

Wednesday, October 24

Halloween 2012?

Any guesses? 

There are a couple big hints in there...

Costco jammies

Oh Costco.
How we love your $7 jammies.
Quincy is still too small for the smallest size, but I couldn't resist.

She LOVED them. 
So soft, and the bumps on the bottom of the feet... 
so fun to touch.

Monday, October 22

a second time around...

What did I tell ya, I knew we would be back!
Saturday was supposed to be a dismal dreary rainy day, which suprisingly turned out to be ga-gorgeous!
We hopped in the car and took Tyson to the patch.

photo bomb

Look at those clouds!

We are such Californians. Rainbows at the muddy patch. Typical.

Tyson found what he was looking for! I pumpkin long enough and wide enough to carve
 Salem Foot and Ankle Clinic on it.

 Weighing in at 38 lbs.

Ready to buy it!

And the cuties with the typical hay bale photo op.

They had this wheat pit. Probs the coolest thing ever.
Quincy did not want to get out of there.

Sunday, October 21

110 lbs for $5.

That is how much I paid for our pumpkins.
I have really grown to love the fall here in Oregon.
It is beautiful, and the farms right outside of town have the most amazing produce...
and it is so cheap.

I love giving my kids this kind of experience.
It was 4:30 pm the day before my big craft night I had to put on for church, and I started worrying.
I knew it was going to start raining the next day, and then when would we ever get to the pumpkin patch?
So, I made the decision in 2 seconds that we were jumping in the car and heading to the patch!
We were sad that we had to leave dad at work, but real pumpkin patches close at 6 because it is dark, and there are no parking lot lights to light it up at night. :)

I had never been to this patch, but had heard great things...
Oh, the pumpkins were beautiful!

We had to brush away the leaves, find the stem and kick the pumpkins off the vines.
And the stems! I have never seen pumpkins like this before!

Berkleigh found hers first...
She loves it because of the color, and she likes tall skinny ones.

I found mine next. Short fat and still a little green.

The kids were really helpful with Q cause I had her, 5 pumpkins equaling out to over 110 lbs of pumpkin in a wheelbarrow I could hardly push over all the vines.

We are going to have to come back with Tyson... it is too fun to stay away!

Halloween fun

Even though I have had a ton going on with church, we have managed to fit in some fun activities...

We made pumpkin waffles from tjs. amazing. It may look burnt, but it is really these gross cinnamon chocolate chips I accidentally bought. They were perfect for these though, and it made a jack o lantern face!

One day we had no school, so we watched a spooky Netflix Shrek movie.
 (Anyone seen it? It has the gingerbread boy and he has the baker make him a gingerbread girl... it is actually creepy.)

I found this idea on pinterest, and we had SO much fun with it.

 They had some pretty unique plays they came up with.

Mummy pizzas were on the menu.

Opened an amazing Halloween package from Grandma.

And made some Halloween ghosts to practice our horrendous cutting abilities. :)

Throw in a couple of pumpkin patches (another post), and you got yourself a packed week of Halloween fun!