Wednesday, March 28

Beach Bums

Merrick and Berkleigh had their first trip to the beach, but like every other "first" they have had, they slept right through it. Who can blame them though, it was very windy, overcast, and gray. It was fun to walk out on the cement boat, to run from the freezing cold water, and feel the sand between our toes.

Friday, March 23

Thanks Grandma Jackie

Grandma and Grandpa Scott gave Berkleigh and Merrick Baby Bjorns for Christmas. We couldn't use the Bjorns until the twins were at least 8 lbs. Today at the doctors office, Berkleigh weighed in at 8 lbs and Merrick weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz. (Close enough he just had surgery!) So to celebrate their growth... 11 oz in 2 days... we decided to take them on their first Baby Bjorn walk to our favorite park.

Tuesday, March 20

Family Time

It is so beautiful in Walnut Creek this time of year. We decided we needed to take a walk in the Rose Gardens ar our favorite park. Aren't they beautiful... (not the roses... the twins!)

Monday, March 19

Our Genius Son...

We decided to put Merrick on his stomach to see what he would do with himself. Merrick surprised us by rolling over. Yea! I can't believe they grow up so fast. He is only a month old! We are proud parents of our little prodigy children. :)

Sunday, March 18

Blessing Day

Merrick and Berkleigh were blessed today. Tyson did a beautiful job. The day was very special because we had lots of family in town. We know it is a sacrifice to take the time to come and visit, and we really appreciate all of you for coming. We love you.
Happy Anniversary Craig and Jackie!

Saturday, March 17

Steam Trains

Jen, Tyson, Berkleigh, Merrick, Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Jen.

The Sorensens and the Scotts came into town for Merrick and Berkleigh's blessing. We decided to take them to the steam trains in the Oakland Hills. We had a great time! We wish we could say Merrick and Berkleigh enjoyed the train ride, but they were asleep the whole time!

Choo Choo!

Friday, March 16

4 Generations

We went to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Barnes today. It was a very special day. I never thought my grandparents would see our children. They are both 96 years old. Four years shy of a century older than Merrick and Berkleigh. It was so neat to see my grandparents hold our babies. We took lots of pictures so the twins will know that they knew their grandparents.

Monday, March 12

Our First Outing

We went to Broadway Plaza to go on a nice little walk and to shop for Easter outfits. We had a lot of fun. Here we are getting ready to leave the house.

Everyone stops us! "Oh look TWINS!"
"I can't believe how little they are!"
"Are they yours?"

My most favorite conversation that I have about three times a day...
"Are there two boys, two girls, boy and girl?" -people
"We have a boy and a girl." - Jen
"Oh... Are they identical!" -people
"No... No they aren't." -Jen (Thinking... Did you really just ask that question?)

Happy First Month!

February 14th - March 14th

The first month has gone by so fast. We have had a great time. I have been able to get a little bit of sleep, and they have really grown up. Here are pictures documenting their first 4 weeks of life. Have they grown? You tell us we see them everyday.

I personally think that Berkleigh has really filled out in the cheeks.
They both weigh about 6 1/2 lbs. One whole pound more than when they were born!

Shower Time

Merrick and Berkleigh get their first shower with mom. Look how cute they are in their little towels.

Sorry no shower pictures. :)

Our Little Cupids

Berkleigh and Merrick were born on Valentines Day 2007.
What a great gift!