Sunday, November 30

Turkey Time

The Scott/Thacker Thanksgiving Traditions and Festivities:
(You will either judge us, or want to be us...)

I must say we eat WAY to much on Thanksgiving. The day starts out with a trip to the park for some kickball and the best breakfast burritos, courtesy of the Thackers.

Then we go home, cook up a storm, the Thackers come over, and we have hors 'dervous and shoot guns while the turkey finishes its slow bake.

Then we eat Thanksgiving dinner. Yum! 

Here are some SPECIFIC traditions in pictures for your reading and visual enjoyment.

Tradition 1: Shooting Games.
My favorite picture... Eric (Tyson's cuz) is shooting with one hand, I am trying to look all "Annie get your gun" and Kenz (my sil) is the crazy boho with some bbs! (Watch out!) I also like this picture because you can see the awesome set up on the hill.

Tradition 2:
We enjoy shooting old McDonald's toys, old plates, and old christmas lights! 

Tradition 3: We laugh a lot.

Tradition 4: We teach the little ones important lesson like the Pilgrims and Indians taught each other.

Tradition 5: We dress in nice clothes to observe the holiday, and it is easier to get the right gunning stance while in a skirt.

Tradition 6: We eat A LOT!

Tradition 7:
We always go around the table and say what we are thankful for... it is always a tender moment... except when I open my mouth about squirrels and owls stapled together....

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Kristyn said...

Ohhhhh Jen, this makes me SOOO homesick!!!!

Glad you guys had fun! And how that dining table looks so small!! I heard we're having around 29 for Christmas! I can't wait! And your parents are coming too - how fun!

bridgette said...

Hope you don't mind if we steal your tradition for next year...that looks like so much fun.

Russman said...

(Trad #1) Picture #1 your shooting BB's over your kids heads. In the military they close the entire range for such a violation.

(Trad #1) Picture #2 Eric has the gun in his gut, Violation kicked off the range!!
(and Mckenzie looks "So Serious")

(Trad #1)Picture #3 Showing Excitement on a shooting Range (Mckenzie) Violation Kicked off the range. The Annie Get your gun pose (Jen) Quite funny. (Eric) r u kidding me? (but seriously did he shoot good?)

Tradition #2 Picture: Okay I know your from Texas and all but this looks a lot like a Pic I saw with Summer (Brians wife) shooting a few years back. Good technique though.

Trad #3 Awe ain't Brianna cute!

Trad #4 This picture would make the NRA proud, might get Merrick a membership for life.

Trad #5 If you look in the back ground Berkliegh is screaming, Yeah love candid moments.

Trad #6 So Jealous!!!

Trad #7 Even more jealous!!!

You guys have a good thanksgiving tradition, I think your description (You will either judge us, or want to be us...) Says it well, especially the last part, those thanksgivings look so much fun.

April said...

I love that you are shooting guns all dressed up! That rocks! Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

Amy said...

Love the shooting guns in a dress (where is that dress from BTW? I love it!)
OK, dland, next week- how about Thursday?

Amber said...

Holy cow...totally didn't expect the shooting. Sounds like fun though. Hey, check your email tonight. I'm picking up around the I'll be up late! You can call too. So sorry about today.

Tara T said...

have you always had bangs? They look great! Thats a fun tradition to play kickball, I havent played that in over 10 years! Nice gun action too! especially in a dress;)

Melinda said...

Hey Jen. I live near your parents in LC and just wanted to say that I love to read your blog! Your family is so fun and cute!!

I just wanted to say that I love the picture of you shooting in a dress and heels! Looks like you had a very fun Thanksgiving. Thanks for letting me peek in on your awesome family.

Tyler and Anne said...

So how much TV have your kids watched in their lives?! Or in one week for example. Thanks for your comment, I want to be more like you... very inspiring to know that people CAN actually live without the TV!!

jenny said...

did you attempt dodgeball in your dress and heels as well? that would definitely be blogworthy.

i remember when you guys told us about your thanksgiving tradition and chris was going crazy with jealousy. looks like a fun one!

jenny said...

correction: kickball not dodgeball (although dodgeball would be a fun tradition too....)

tiff said...

Wow! Sounds fun, especially kickball and shooting in a dress!

Who are the Thackers?

And more please on the "squirrels and owls stapled together..."