Wednesday, August 15

California here we come (Part 2: RAINBOWS, Indoor Park, Fireworks)

After my fun girls weekend, I went back to my in laws house and continued our fun vacation...

Monday was packed!
We left in the morning and traveled down to San Clemente to the Rainbow outlet.
Merrick, Berkleigh and I needed new Rainbows. B.A.D.
Merrick and Berkleigh have been wearing the pair they got when they turned three...
I have been wearing mine for at least 6 years...

So I dropped a good amount of change in flip flops, but what an investment if they will last for another 6 years. 

 We had to get a picture by the giant rainbow and write our names on it.

Then we headed to Mission Mall for some Paradise Bakery and play time at the enclosed playground and say goodbye to our friends before they left for a three week vacation (I wouldn't consider babysitting 5 kids a vacay) on July 30th. How dare she, right? hehe. 

(I LOVE this picture of M&B and one of their best buddies, Addison.)

Later that night, I took the kids to Downtown Disney to watch the fireworks.
It felt weird to not get to go into Disneyland. Merrick and Berkleigh kept wondering why we couldn't go in.
"Lets just go in! They know us. They let us in lots of times."
Sad, right?
I promised them we would go to Disneyland when Quincy turned two, cause she is still free (hehe) but old enough to possibly get it.

With our new rainbows!

After the fireworks, we had our favorite snack in all of Disneyland! Beignets from the Jazz Kitchen.

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Look at those cute new rainbows!!! I should have had you get me some new ones too!!!
Love ya!!!

Megan said...

Wow! This is killing me! How fun to take the kids to see the fireworks and get their favorite treat. How sad that Disneyland passes are no longer. :( How cute that they were absolutely confused and felt like they should get in because they've gotten in every other time! Talk about tugging on the heart strings!
p.s. did your rainbows count towards a free pair??