Tuesday, August 14

California here I come... (Part 1: Girls Weekend)

I have so many blog posts backed up... waiting to be published, well, um... written.

I got to drive down to California by myself with 3 kids a couple of weeks ago.
But lets go back 7 months to the beginning of January, when Tyson and I knew that we REALLY wanted a fun get a way for our 10 year anniversary. 
We knew we would probably be buying a practice in 2012, so we thought we would keep it simple but fun. We SOMEHOW, got a beach cottage in Newport Beach, CA. They are hard to get because they are only $30 a night and right on the beach.
Perfect. Cheap. Fun.

Well, we got back from Christmas, and Tyson got called to be the Venture Scout Leader. He is over high adventure. High adventure started two days after our beach cottage stay.
We looked at plane tickets... $1600 to fly us all down there. WHAT?
For two days? No thank you. We will save that money and go somewhere amazing sometime, but we did not want to spend that money on 2 days in California.

So it turned into a girls weekend!
If I can't have Tyson, three of my close friends will do. 

The cottage ended up being "dorm style" so we shared the kitchen and bathrooms with other people... like a dude with a wooden leg... but  you can't beat the view!

Megan and were the first to arrive at our "room"... and we probably both peed a little we were laughing so hard. It wasn't what we were expecting. Two SINGLE beds...?

But our ingenuity pulled through, and we pushed the two single beds together to create a king and then we slept RIGHT next to each other.

Good times.

We got pedicures...

We walked around Crystal Cove. I felt like I was moved back to the 50s. So quaint and perfect.

We ate at amazing restaurants... including the Shake Shack.. which we walked to.
My friend Kristi snatched this prime table from this asian couple that was trying to sit there while someone was eating.  It was amazing to watch it go down...

Turkey burgers, shakes, and fries. and the BEST view. yum.

While eating, we decided which beach cottage we would rent as families. Now we just have to get lucky and get it. :)

We walked around the beach after dinner...

If you know Megan, can you guess what is in that cup?
(love you megan!)

Then we headed back to our cottage to enjoy the sunset on the deck.




Then dragged the PCH. Bought munchies at Trader Joes, and talked the night away.
Thanks girls!

3 love notes:

Emily Curfew said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! This makes me miss orange county so much!! the sunsets are gorgeous. and i never heard of those $30 beach cottages. what an amazing deal!!

Megan said...

P-E-R-F-E-C-T. (big round dot)

Kristy said...

Awesome! It was so fun and I can't wait to have a girls weekend next year!