Friday, August 17

California here we come: (Part 3: Hanging in HB)

Tuesday, I drove up to Huntington Beach.
So many memories came flooding back.

Oh, how I miss HB, but after living in Oregon I noticed how UGLY HB is. 
Cinderblock City for sure.

Nothing beats the beach though!

We went to our old stomping ground and did what I did EVERY day for three years.
We sat at my neighbors house. 

Our friend Melody came drove from her new home to see us.
It was so good to see you Melody! 

We played outside.

We went on a walk.

And loved every minute of the regular things we used to do with our neighbors.

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Megan said...

Three cheers for great neighbors and good memories. Isn't it funny that sometimes the best thing to do with friends is to hang out and pretend we never moved. Good for you!