Thursday, March 3

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Today is our favorite whimsical authors birthday.
Last year, my neighbor Kristy and I made PLANS.
I mean plans.
Check it out here.
So much so, that it was hard to think of stuff to do today.
We did so much stuff that Sandy Toes and Popcicles asked me to guest post on her blog about that crazy day last year.
Check it out here.

Today, however didn't go as PLANNED.
Not all days do!
Here is what was planned and how our day would have gone...
and in italics is what actually happened.

Green Eggs and Ham for Breakfast
We ate green eggs and ham, and the twins played out the story quite nicely. Berkleigh wasn't afraid, and ate them right away. She had to convince Merrick, and once he ate them he loved them.

Dr. Seuss storytime at our local library.
My neighbors were ready to go and we were all getting into our cars, when I couldn't find my keys. We looked everywhere. Never found them. Tyson got home to give me his keys at 10:10... storytime started at 10.
Lost key update: Still lost.

A little trip to the Fingernut Gallery in Laguna Beach to see all the Dr. Seuss paintings and sculptures.
I had to go to the church to set up for New Beginnings (Survivor style). I was there with my friends from 12 until 2.
New Beginnings update: We rocked it! Everyone loved the theme, and I bet it was the first New Beginnings that was boring.
Museum update: It rocks, and we are going next week if you want to come.

We were going to make Fox (out of) Socks puppets and read Fox in Socks!
After we set up, we realized we were missing a couple of decorations, so we came home and made them.

We were going to play a stacking game with paper plate turtles and read Yertle the Turtle!
Merrick and Berkleigh were grumpy 1 and grumpy 2 today. I had them lay in their beds, and they actually slept for 2 hours! They don't nap anymore, so this was a very good thing.

Make these green egg and ham treats!
Photo and idea Found here.
This is about the time I realized I wouldn't be able to do much of the things we had planned, so I just didn't bother to make these, but aren't they brillant!

We were gonna hop on pop! How amazing is this idea. If you are in need of Dr. Seuss ideas, this is the place to go!
Photo and idea found here.
I went to New Beginnings and had to pack for our little getaway trip for tomorrow so we didn't get to do this either.

We were going to eat these awesome pancakes for dinner!
Photo and idea found here.
And we did eat these for dinner! They were scrumptious and amazing. The twins had fun making them and eating them.
At least one thing went as planned today!

And so there is our planned but not carried through Dr. Seuss Day!
What a bummer. At least we had some themed meals!
Days like this happen to everyone....

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

4 love notes:

Becky said...

Will you PLEASE start a blog that is just for all of your creative preschooler ideas? You're so creative and every time I read your blog I wish I could know more details of what you did (especially preschool things). So go ahead. You could title it....I don't know. You're the creative one!

Sally said...

Day like this never happen to me because I never plan fun themed activities for my kids. In my world your day was super awesomely successful!

Kristin said...

What an awesome mom you are! SO cool.

tiff said... ideas.