Tuesday, March 1

Some iPhone pictures and random thoughts

I am trying to upload the pictures from my phone at the end of every week so I can delete some from my phone, and blog about the rest!
There were some fun ones I had forgotten about.

It is always a good weekend when you get new shoes. Berkleigh and I had a good weekend.
I LOVE Toms. I wear my sister in laws all the time. I just go in her room and steal them when I am there. I wanted some, and remembered I had a $50 gift certificate.... yes please!
Also, I have the best friends. They bought the twins their rainbows for their birthday last year, and this year they gave me (um, Merrick and Berkleigh) this gift card and note for their birthday. We are turning into a Toms family. I couldn't be more happy.

Some Disneyland adventures...
It is starting to get busy with winter breaks, spring breaks, and summer coming up.
That is unfortunate.
Berkleigh ran up to the Queen of Hearts and said, "Off with her head!"

I hate swimming suit shopping for me, but I love it for Berkleigh. Here is one of her new swimming suits. She might wear it everyday this summer. I LOVE it! The colors, the stripes, the ruffles. I feel like it screams Jen and therefore Berkleigh. Am I forcing what I like on my children? Apparently as seen above with the Toms.

I am oblivious at the park, especially if I am with friends. Merrick was apparently yelling at me to look and ultimately help him get down from his perch. My friend Megan is in the back of this picture, and we were just chatting as I was oblivious to his yelps for help.
Oh, and then I had to take pictures while he was slipping to his doom.
All for the blog. Right?

Deductibles started over in the medical insurance field. That means Tyson is home by two everyday. No one wants to pay for surgeries so they are holding off until it is necessary.
So we have been going on lots of hikes.
We went to our favorite tide pool beach on the coldest day of the year.
Best thing we ever did was have our kids wear their rainboots to the beach. Why have we never thought of this before? We might do that from now on when the tide is low and calling us.
They can step anywhere. Brillant. Brillant.

We went birdwatching. I liked watching Berkleigh more than the birds. She had these awesome floppy buns, and when she ran they flapped like wings.

I won't buy Berkleigh the Rapunzel wig they sell at Target. I just can't. Wigs kinda gross me out.
This is her attempt to have long hair she can "brush and brush".

We go on walks on Sundays. We love quarter walks. Heads you turn right, Tails you turn left. Spices it up a bit. Merrick also spiced up our walk with some puddle jumping in his church clothes. Yea.

I couldn't sleep last night. So I stayed up and made this St Patricks day garland. I even crocheted the yarn. I really couldn't sleep.

This picture was taken the day Merrick got his stitches. I guess he was supposed to crack his head open that day, cause if it wasn't on the pogo stick, it probably would have been off this playhouse in my in-laws backyard.
(ps. Tyson and his brother made this for their 5 younger sisters. Isn't that cute!)

Ok. That is all for now. I have to go pack! Why... you will find out tomorrow!

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