Monday, March 7


Is really busy.
It don't think it will ever slow down.
Tyson and I just got back from here:

Then Roadshow is the next two weeks.

I also teach preschool the next two weeks.

Then the day I finish preschool I am going on a girls trip here:
Exciting! I know!

We have lots of big changes going on too! That is for another post.
For now, look at some of the things I have made that I love!

I found this idea from this website...
So yummy.
Sourdough bread, pepperjack cheese, salted avocado, fuji apples, and turkey bacon.

I love making these wipe cases for my friends when they have babies. I love having one myself.
I stopped carrying one after M&B potty trained, but I always want a wipe.
So I decided to make myself a new one...
For this one I used one of my grandma's old handkerchiefs. I love it.
It is dainty and vintage and reminds me of my grandma!

Then I didn't stop there. I made another one. I love this one.
I love the geometric lines of the fabric with the messy ruffles!
After finishing this, it inspired me for Berkleigh's Easter dress. Just wait!
It is going to be fab!


Over Chrismtas, my mom and I saw this NOEL sign at Potterybarn.
It is $149 dollars.

We made it for free with some of my parents hurricane plywood for their windows.
It was nice and weathered from Hurricane Rita.
Then mom cut them on her band saw, yes she is that hardcore... and painted them!

I painted mine silver because I can just envision it sitting next to my teal reindeer I found at Goodwill this past Christmas!

I also saw this amazing necklace at Anthropologie.

I wanted it, but I remembered doilies that my grandma made.
I decided to make it (like I would have bought it, haha) with one of my grandma's doilies!
I am on a creative kick! Gotta do more!

5 love notes:

Jenny said...

Cute stuff! You never cease to impress me. Last month I kept thinking about how we didn't do a girls trip like we have the past 2 Februaries. Fun you get to have one in New York!

I'm excited to hear what you guys will be doing next year. Are you moving to Oregon??

Kristyn said...

Girl's trip? So awesome. I'm in the midst of planning one too. They are a NECESSITY.

I'm dying over all the craftiness spilling out of you. Unreal! The blue and yellow wipes case is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. I want to decorate my whole house in that color scheme!

My parents loooove grilled cheese like that too! There was a Martha episode where she did a whole bunch of different grilled cheese sandwiches...check them out! I had no idea grilled cheese could take on so many different tastes!

RaeAnn said...

Awesome Jennifer!! I am glad that you can put Grandma's handkerchiefs and doilies to some use. Adorable!!!

I just have to ask....are the apples inside the sandwich?
Love ya!!!

Jenn said...

You seriously AMAZE me and I wish I was as talented and creative as you! It reminds me of all the little projects in HS, you just stuck with it - LOVE IT. (A few times even remind me of OM days.. haha)! Love reading your blog and so happy you are doing well!!
~Jenn Ripple

tiff said...

Loving your necklace and the wipes cases. Vintage hankie? Lovely. And I swoon over yellow and white chevrons...