Tuesday, March 2

Said the Cat in the Hat...

I meant what I said,
and I said what I meant,
we are gonna have fun
One Hundred per cent!

I love Ted Geisel aka... Dr. Seuss!
I love every book he has ever written.
So on his birthday we had a little fun, of course!
Remember I get obsessive when I like something. See this post for another obsession of mine. :)

We woke up and read the book Green Eggs and Ham,

and ate Green Eggs and Ham while watching the movie!

Then we got dressed in our "Sneetches" with "stars upon thars" shirts that we made the night before. If you have never tried freezer paper stenciling, you need to! My friend Emily had made about a million shirts, and they turn out so cute I thought I would try!

We read the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck, which is long so we paraphrased, but then we made oobleck. I love this! My dad used to make it with us when we were kids. It is amazing. You can hand it to someone in a ball and it will melt immediately in their hands. Try it!
cornstarch and water.

Easy right?

Then we needed a snack! So we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and made the Yink's Pink Ink Drink. Yum!

Then naps and the baking began! HOW CUTE ARE THESE!

I love anything Thing 1 and Thing 2! It reminds me of my kids on their first Halloween!


After the scrumptious cupcakes, Tyson and I took the kids down to the beach, so they could be the Sneetches on the beaches... (sorry no pics it was dark)

Then Tyson read them Horton Hears a Who, and we made these adorable clovers with the who dust on top.

We had such a fun day, and tomorrow they are learning more about Dr. Seuss at preschool! I love being a stay at home mom!

6 love notes:

Stacey said...

you are such an amazing mom! You inspire me to do better every day! Thanks for showing everyone how fun it is to be a mommy!

Kristy said...

Thanks for such a fun day! I love being your neighbor!!!

jenny said...

i love how you go all out and come up with extra holidays besides the norm (i.e. dr. seuss's birthday).

Arianne said...

You are so cute Jen! :D I have you know my roommates and I made us some colorful pancakes the other night all thanks to you and your cute and yet simple ideas! I wish I was that creative in coming up with ideas like that! Love ya guys!
-love cousin Arianne

Kyle, Laurel, and Elle said...

you are soooooo creative!! i love everything that you do with your kiddos. you're such a fun mommy!!

Emily said...

love it love it love it!! what a fun day!!!