Tuesday, September 21

i MADE it! {A Photo Shoot}

Ever read the blog Made? I am sure you have! It is one awesome blog.
Dana is super creative, and I love the clothes she makes for her kids.

Plus, I just won my first giveaway.. and it was from her blog! I am super excited to get the wall hanging. I really wanted this one bad, and I won!

Awhile ago some friends and I made the Market Skirt.

While my mom was here, we made Berkleigh the Shirtdress out of one of Tyson's old shirts! We had extra, so we made one for her doll too!

And then last night I just finished another Market Skirt in hopes of lessening my project pile!
I loved how it turned out, so Berkleigh and I set off after church on Sunday to have a little photo shoot..

Thanks Dana for your inspirations, patterns, ideas, and my giveaway prize!

4 love notes:

Michelle Nguyen said...

Sooo cute! Love both of them!!!

Emily Curfew said...

love the photoshoot. work it berkleigh!!

love the new market skirt.

garcias said...

I love the dress shirt. So cute. I must admit that my curtain shams skirt was totally awesome along with my tablecloth jumper. If you want to know the secrets give me a call.

It's me!....Jill said...

super cute! Wish I had a girl to sew for.