Monday, September 20

Quick Getaways

On Sunday, church ended earlier than normal, and now that my kids don't nap, the day seemed to drag on! I remember looking at the clock and thinking, "It is only 1:45!" So we packed up our kids and the neighbors (hehe) for a quick little getaway to Balboa for a nice afternoon stroll.
It was beautiful.
We stopped to check out our canoes, tie up the row boats, and play in the sand.
What a beautiful day by the bay.

On Monday, Tyson got home a little early from work, so we booked it San Clemente with Kenz and went surfing. Well, I didn't surf, but I took my crazy zoom lens and took pictures of Mackenzie and Tyson while they surfed.

Today the twins went back for their second week of preschool.
They took their newly decorated buckets which they use instead of backpacks.
And now I am sitting at my computer, listening to Vampire Weekend, waiting for my neighbor to be ready to run, and then I will shower (a long one), get ready (first time in a week), and go run some errands.

I love little getaways!

2 love notes:

Brianna and Tyson Smith said...

Did you make Berkleigh's sunday dress? The Blue striped one with a yellow belt. It's adorable!

Kristyn said...

I love Balboa! So fun.

And oh how I wish there was a preschool like yours around here. I'm not gonna lie, I would LOVE to have that alone time. :)

And buckets?! Wow! How do they like them? How fun andn different!