Friday, September 24

A "hot & cold" date at the Pond

I got to go with this "hot" guy to the "cold" pond for some ducks watching!

One of Tyson's attending has season tickets to the Anaheim Ducks. We even got to park in his special parking spot that was right next to the Honda Center.
It was fun and free! Gotta love that!

I am not a sports watcher. I love going to a live game of anything, because I think there is a lot of excitement in the air, but I DON'T watch the game while I am there.. Wednesday, I did.
I think I like Hockey!
I think I like feeling scared sometimes, and I did feel scared the whole time.
That puck flew right at us like 5 times!

We were in Row 4. It was awesome!

The fight.

It was lots of fun!
And the Ducks won! Not bad!

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RaeAnn said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!! Wow!! I always thought that the glass stopped all of the stray hockey pucks... I guess not.

Loved your photo shoot pics, especially the one with B poking her head around the corner.. she looks like a natural model!!
Love Ya!!

Jess said...


jenny said...

hockey's one of my favorite sports to watch because it's fast-paced and the fights are entertaining! sounds like a great date!

Emily said...

looks like a great date!! isn't hockey the best, jareds family are big hockey fans!! i'm glad you had a great time on your hot date!

mackenzie said...

are you kidding!!? 4th row! sweeeeetness. sounds so fun. glad you guys had fun :)