Saturday, December 21

Decorating the big tree

 I REALLY wanted a flocked tree this year. I have always thought they were pretty. I have always wanted one, but just couldn't find the right one... but this year it was found, and it already had lights on it... and yes it is real.
It isn't too bushy, has good spacing between branches, is flocked, came with lights, and is super tall.
Done and done.
We were in and out of there in record time.
I was proud of myself.
 We added a few more strands of lights because you can never have too many.

This was Quincy's first tree decorating experience. She is so yummy and was so careful with her 2 ornaments she has from previous years.

Don't mind if I do show more of her and her adorableness.

 Yay, a picture of me. It is nice to know that I was present for these family traditions. 

Taking a break from all that decorating.

Everyone looses steam decorating the tree, so I always finish it up while the rest of the family doesn't things like this:

And nothing like some Coconut Hot Chocolate under the snow to finish off our tree decorating night.

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RaeAnn said...

So your falling snow!!!

Emily Curfew said...

love love love love your xmas decs. may need to copy a could in the future. :)