Saturday, December 21

O Tannenbaun

It was a crazy weekend. Snow, single digit temperatures... but it was also like the 8th of December and we still didn't have a tree!
So we braved the crazy weather and slick roads to go find us a couple of trees...

The oldest and youngest in our family.
Her belly kept hanging out of her shirt and she was one cold chica. 

We chose this one for the upstairs...
It is a charlie brown tree, and I love it.
We found it in approximately three minutes.
When you can't feel your hands, feet, nose, ears or cheeks, you can pick a tree pretty quickly.

 Merrick got to chop it down, and he was SO excited about it.

Dad carried it back to the car.

I wish this picture ended with a cabin, a fire, hot chocolate, and a snuggie... 

We took that cute little tree (5 ft) for $10 and put it upstairs. 
The kids have now decorated it with white poms and homemade snowflakes.

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RaeAnn said...

I want to see pictures of the upstairs tree!!!