Thursday, January 2


Berkleigh had her Mid year "open class recital". It is very informal, but it is always fun to get to see what she has learned because we do not get to go in the studio room except on this December day.

She is just so cute in her outfit.

They have started to do stuff at the barre. I kinda love it. I am not expecting Berkleigh to go to Julliard for dance or to even go to pointe. 
I am more wanting her to gain more flexiblity, balance and grace.

She takes ballet with her little bestie Tessa and this year, Emory (Tessa's older sister and Merrick's little bestie) joined in on the fun this year and we love it!

Her teacher is so sweet with them. 


2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

WOW that is an amazing leap!!! So cute!!!

Emily Curfew said...

Berk! you are beautiful! my, you are so graceful. love the poses.