Monday, October 7

I LOVE Oregon produce.
We truly live in the Valley of Bountiful.
So many yummy things to pick and nosh on and all for very cheap prices.
You should see my freezer!

This was my first year picking peaches. I always miss peach season...
we are usually out of town, so it was nice to be around to snag a couple pounds... or 20.

So proud of herself for picking the peach!

And then this happened, and happened and happened. She noshed on peaches all afternoon.

 They were so easy to pick, so easy to eat, and so easy to all of a sudden have picked too many. :)
Good thing they were so cheap. I went home with 24 lbs.

 They were so tired after picking peaches, what they didn't know was that they had to help me peel them, slice them, make a cobbler, make a salad,  make jam, and freeze them. 
The work has just begun little ones.