Tuesday, October 8

First Day of First Grade

First grade.
Where does the time go?
I wasn't sad at all when I dropped them off at school, but when it was just Quincy and I ALL day... I got a little sad, but LOVE my time with Quincy. We have lots of just us time and I love it and she loves it.

 Berkleigh is our resident artist. She loves to draw, color, sing, make music, dance, and act. She likes to read, but would rather be outside, playing with friends, or playing make believe. She is tender hearted and head strong, and she is turning into quite the little fashionista.

He is my little scientist. He LOVES to read, loves math, LOVES science.
He can't soak up enough information. He wants to know everything.
He loves soccer but needs to learn to be a little more aggressive on the field.
He is still shy but SOO SOO funny.
He tries to use big words and sometimes it doesn't make sense and we laugh and laugh.
He is tender hearted, soft spoken, and very independent.

On our way out of the house...

We parked the car a little from the school so we could "walk".
It was a beautiful day. 
I love Fall.

I took them to school and had to go to 2 different classes.
 What were they most excited about for first grade? Owning their own lunch boxes and eating in the cafeteria.

Merrick was so nervous for school. I heard him one night praying in his room... cutest prayer I have ever heard. Asking for comfort at school the next day. It took him two minutes to meet his sweet sweet teacher, and now I think he wishes he could stay there all day with her.

Berkleigh, my little go getter, forgot to even say goodbye to me. She is such a funny one. She also likes her teacher and loves that her teacher is male.

 It was sad to see them separate. I don't think they were quite ready for that, but I think it is good for them to be away from each other and gain their own identity... They both love their teachers and love to be with each other after a LONG 6 hrs apart.

You would think I have more time to blog now that I have reduced my child load from three down to one for 6 hours of the day...
It is amazing what kind of things can be accomplished and also what kind of shenanigans Quincy and I can get into in our 6 hour bonding time everyday.

We all LOVE school.

3 love notes:

garcias said...

I can't stand reading about how cool other schools are around the country. I don't know why I have to live in the lamest state ever. My kids are at school for 8 hrs a day and only have one 15 min. recess a day if they are lucky. Sorry, this post is not about me, it is about how cute and grown up your kids are. I can't believe how well they write their names.

Sally said...

They are so big! I love Merrick's green shoes!

Sheryl Kae said...

They look SO grown-up!! So adorable. Blake and Merrick have the same shirt and both wore it on the first day of school.