Sunday, October 6

Oregon State Fair

oh man.
life has been busy.
and fun.
and there is so much to blog...
and I don't want to do it.
But I want to remember, so here I go. 
In no particular order of our summer, but easiest to pictures to upload...

We  were bored one night, and had decided to take the kids to see a movie. We were talking about how there had to be something more fun than a movie on a Friday night... when we remembered the Oregon State Fair started that very day.
So off we went.

A little petting zoo.

Quincy did not know what to think of all these animals.

Some fried food is a must...

We let the twins each ride one ride. We are mean like that.

 And I love walking around looking at the winning produce, and you can't forget the bees.
I am pretty sure now that we have a house, we will be aquiring bees in the near future.

 Gotta love the livestock, especially the smells.

 And more random petting zoo pictures.

We love the fair!

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RaeAnn said...

I am really surprised that B decided to go on a big kids ride!!! Wow...awesome!!! I don't even ride on the swings!!!
Love ya!!!