Friday, May 3

I am a soccer mom.

Merrick started soccer. I don't think I realized what a commitment it is. (Way to do my research, right?)
The kid has soccer practice twice a week and games on Saturday. I am going to soccer three times a week? And that first week was a doozy... soccer practice is at 5:30, so if I don't have dinner ready and eaten before we go, then when I get home I definitely don't want to make food, and the kids are famished by then. :) So we ate out two too many times that week. 

Don't worry. I got it figured out.
It just took me a week.

 This little man has had a hard time getting used to his soccer cleats. As sad as it is, it is kinda funny to watch him limp around the field. We have tried everything. Good thing dad is a podiatrist. He made him some orthotics to fix the problem, and hopefully today will be better.

Oh I love him. How cute is he in his soccer gear.

We had our first game on Saturday. We won 15 to 3. Our little friend Jackson made probably 10 of those goals. He is super intense and is amazing. 
Merrick is a great defender. He had some great moments as well, and I was super impressed with his skills for only doing it for 2 weeks.

 If you don't believe me about the limping, here he is mid limp.

I love me some Merrick.

Good game, good game, good game, good game.

 Oh, and when Merrick is practicing or playing in a game, this is what we are doing...

Chasing Quincy around:
Look at that devilish smile.

And enjoying sun with our friends.

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

I love their own little chairs!!! How cute!!! Didn't you use to come with us to the boys soccer games and practices? Maybe you missed out! ;)
Love me some Jennifer!!!

Chris S said...

Im jealous of Merrick.. I miss playing soccer with an organized team. I can't wait to come see you now, I can play soccer and merrick can chase the ball when i miss the goal, Haha.

Mom: No, Jen didn't see too many of our soccer games.. it was probably because every weekend she went to see Jurrasic Park in theatres. If i remember right she saw it seven times, Haha.