Saturday, May 4


That is the name of a famous dragon... but that is what I have been calling Berkleigh cause she LOST her FIRST TOOTH!

I have to give special thanks to my friend Rachel. She pulled Berkleigh's tooth. 
I knew it was pretty loose, like complaining all the time that she couldn't do anything because it was so wiggly, so we headed to Rachel's house and she pulled it right out.
She is a seasoned tooth puller, having pulled out at least 4 teeth. 

The bloody gummy shot. 
Gotta have it.

 We went to the school last night for their Open House and we the school office manager gave Berkleigh this little tooth box. It was so cute how excited she was.

So excited to put her tooth under her pillow.

The tooth fairy kept putting off buying this really cool "tooth fairy kit", so she will get that bought and in the mean time, she wrote this REALLY tiny letter and fashioned some washi taped into a tooth to seal it.

Done and done, now a million more teeth to go.

3 love notes:

Josh and Laura said...

berkleigh's bed is soo cute! you need to do a room tour! or maybe you already did and i missed it? you are so talented with your decorating and crafty projects!

RaeAnn said...

Awww so fun!!! She is getting so big!!!

The Maughans said...

I'm so glad she's not traumatized for life!