Thursday, March 28

Did you know that spring is coming?
In Huntington Beach, I was excited to see the trees get their leaves, but there wasn't much difference between winter and spring in California.

Here is Oregon, the flowers pop up, the cherry trees get their blossoms, and the sun starts to make an appearance.
It makes me so happy.

Tyson had to work all Saturday, so we decided we needed something to do.
We decided to go out and collect pine cones to create some bird feeders.

We walked across our favorite bridge that is seconds away from our house...
 because we know that the other side of the creek has LOTS of pinecones.

 Of course you need your purse for this kind of walk.

We walked home and made our pinecone bird feeders.

They are so determined to get peanut butter in every little crack.


All done.

Merrick is our resident tree climber, and totally took his job seriously.

 We decided to put them in our cherry tree so the birds who live in our little birdhouse. 

3 love notes:

liz said...

Love this idea!!!!

RaeAnn said...

Cute!!! They look good enough to eat!!!

Megan said...

Not only do you need your purse...but a purse that perfectly matches your amazing boots. Fashionista for sure.

Fun fun birdhouses!