Tuesday, April 2

Easter 2013

Easter Weekend was JAM PACKED with fun. It was on the tail end of Spring Break so the party continued. We spent all our time with our close friends (who are like family when we live so far away from our families).
Here we are on Easter Sunday.
We tried to get a picture before church...
and um... this was the best we could get after the million below.
Oh well. 
 My kids are not used to the sun.. hehe. They were squinting all over the place.
Take One

 Take Two

 Fix the hair...
Take Three

I LOVE this one, but you can't see Q very well.

And I LOVE this one too...
I love Q holding Merrick's hand.

 Take Four

Take Five

We tried to make Sunday all about the Resurrection and not about the Easter Bunny.
We made resurrection rolls for Breakfast.

We dyed some eggs.
(Please try Majestic Eggs next year. Easiest egg dying ever and they were so pretty! There was no mess, cause you threw everything away that you used. Loved it.)

 We are grateful for our Savior, and we know he LIVES!

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RaeAnn said...

Looks like a super fun Easter!!!
Cute pictures!!!
Love you!!!

Michelle Evans said...

love your blog! what a fun mom you are!! :) thanks again for the birdseed :) kiddos are so excited. :)

Megan said...