Monday, February 11

Another Day at Sea

We are saying goodbye to Cabo San Lucas. It was gorgeous. The rocks in the background are called Lands End. It was so "Pirates of the Caribbean".

 What do I do with Berkleigh's hair? It is always everywhere.

We had two days left on the boat. It was so fun running around the boat and trying new things.

I tried to take this panoramic picture of our view from our balcony.
We had such great rooms!

Like eating Mexican food at midnight.
Nothing like a Mexican buffet starting at 12 am.

Laying out in the sun and 80 degrees on December 30th.

Taking the little Scott cousins to the kids room for some actual crawling, wandering and playing.

Taryn and Quincy. They are 9 months apart, look alike, and I know they will be fast friends.

There were some days when Tyson and I switched off watching Quincy while she napped... 
When Tyson went off with family to play and I stayed with Quincy, I laid out on our balcony getting a tan and playing on my Kindle.

We played Rook on the Lido deck, and we were having so much fun that an older man and his family asked if they could play.

We went to a class to learn how to make towel animals.

Merrick and Uncle Tyson made the coolest Large Lego tower/bridge.

We enjoyed our last formal night on the cruise, and said goodbye to our awesome waiters.

They danced Gangum Style for us as entertainment. 

Here are some of our awesome towel creations.

And we had lots of cousin time...

We all ate lots of desserts and tried different ones, but if there were two on the menu that we wanted, we got two... one of them was ALWAYS the warm chocolate melting cake. 
It was to die for... and the cause of my baby pouch coming back after I worked so hard to get rid of it. :)

And that is it. Finally the cruise pictures are done... it was such a great vacation.
Who wants to cruise with us? We definitely want to go again!
With kids... Disney Cruise for sure.
Without kids... we would go on Carnival again.
And I will leave you with an awesome sunset, one of many we saw every day...

3 love notes:

Susan said...

Cruising is fantastic, having family along rocks! And don't get me started on Warm Chocolate Melting Cake...

RaeAnn said...

Love he monkey towel!!! He looks like he is jumping in the air!!! The elephants are super cute too!!!
Glad that you had such a fun time...we will have to do a Sorensen Family cruise soon!!!
Love ya!!!

Kristy said...

Looks like a super fun cruise!