Wednesday, February 6

3rd Port of Call: Puerto Vallarta

This was my favorite day. We went to Puerto Vallarta, which was were Tyson and I went on our honeymoon 10 1/2 years ago. It didn't look much different than it did 10 years ago.

This was our longest day at port. We left the bought at 7 am and didn't have to be back until 9 pm.
Today was our canopy ziplining day, and everyone was together.

We had to take three different taxis to get to this discoteca to wait for our bus to take us into the jungle...

 We were on an open air bus, which was actually awesome. All the smells of Mexico (aka. exhaust) wafting in... It was so warm and breezy, I was loving it, except that the babies did not have car seats, and so we held on to our dear little ones.

 It was probably an hour ride into the jungle, and it was fun to see the scenery and the changing country side.

We kept driving by things, that Tyson and I remember going to when we were there on our honeymoon. It was a fun flashback.

We finally got to the canopy ziplining place. I would recommend this place to anyone. They were well organized, HILARIOUS, and very kind. It was a great day. My favorite day actually.
(I am dying at how amazing Quincy looks in all of these pictures.)

We had to break up in groups again, because the two and unders couldn't go.
Tyson and I had to break up, but I got to have a fun adventure with my girl.
Can you believe that these two little darlings had no fear, and that I sent Berkleigh off on a 1100 ft zipline 400 ft above the ground all by herself?

Group one... with the "Super Mexicans" behind us. They kept calling themselves that. It was hilarious.
One of them even had a cape.

Group Two:
Merrick loved it. I still can't believe how adventurous my kids are. There is no way I would have done that when I was 5.

And it was a bunch of girls... and Craig, so of course we had some photo shoots...

 We were high in the jungle, and it was beautiful, hot and muggy.

Brooke cracks me up.

And off we go.

So this was my adventurous highlight and I think Tyson was shocked.
He is scared of heights, so he held on to that zipline, and if he didn't have gloves on, his knuckles would probably be white.
As for me, I spun, and went upside down and had a blast. It is fun how your mind can ok some adventurous things but not all.

We were so high in the air, and we went so fast, and were zipped over this beautiful river.
It was gorgeous.

It was fun to cross paths and to see other family members flying through the canopy.

At the end we had a race... and David (my BIL) has an amazing camera he captured so many great moments.

At the end of the night on the bus ride home, when all children were sound asleep, a plan was hatched...

I really wanted little mexican dresses for the girls, and Megan really wanted Mexican vanilla, and Jackie really wanted some Mexican dishes for her and Craig to eat on, and we had time. Plus, Tyson and I really wanted to walk around Puerto Vallarta where we had spent a week 10 years ago, so we talked our bus driver into dropping some of us off downtown and he took everyone else back to the boat. I love spontaneous moments.
It was kinda weird to be back on the same streets we roamed 10 years late carting around our 3rd child. Oh how life has changed... finished undergrad at BYU, taught school, went to Medical School, had twins, went to residency, had Quincy and now we have bought a practice...
 Life is more complicated now, but also so much richer  and full of life than it was when it was just two young 22 yr olds.

The shopping was ridiculous. Mexico has definitely gotten more expensive, but I can haggle with the best of them. I needed to buy three dresses and the guy wanted 1200 pesos for each dress. We left him in the dust. The next guy wanted 800 pesos a dress.. but I talked him down to 600 pesos for all three. Done and done.
And look how cute they look in their new dresses.
(Taryn was not very happy to be in this picture, but our other girl cousin had one too.)

After shopping, we walked along the beach and looked the street performers, the ocean, and all the cool statues.

And acted out a couple of them.

Yea for Mexico and fun!!!

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Emily Curfew said...

I'm surprised your kids weren't afraid of the zip lining!!!

And love thisenmexican dresses on the girls- you are a good negotiator!!

Josh and Laura said...

Wow, your kids are amazing to do that zipline! Although, something tells me Bryn would be up for it, too! :) Those zipline pictures are so awesome! Fun trip!

RaeAnn said...

I didn't know Tyson...did I know Tyson was afraid of heights? Who would have know?
Love the girls dresses!!!
How fun!!!
Love ya!!!

Megan said...

Fun post. I especially liked reading about your change in perspective from 10 years ago to now. Yes, life is much richer, isn't it. Love you, Jen!