Sunday, February 17

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is a big day at our house. 

It never was a big deal until 6 years ago when these two little guys came into our world.

Now they look like this:

We started our Valentines Day a couple days earlier, trying to get ready for the big day.
This was our first year that we had 30 people we needed to give Valentines too. That meant 60 for me... 
We got on pinterest and Merrick and Berkleigh picked the Valentines they wanted to create.
Lucky for me they picked Valentines that had free printables! hehe

Merrick's with the bugs, and Berkleigh's with the glow sticks.

On Valentine's Day, the twins got up in the morning to lots of balloons blown up and left all over their floor! Such a fun easy tradition. To bad Tyson had a long day and went to bed early, so I have to blow them all up by myself. :)

Quincy died and went to heaven. I couldn't keep her out of the rooms she was so into the balloons.
You are seeing Berkleigh and Quincy's room. It isn't done yet, so I haven't put it up on this little b.l.o.g. but here is a pretty big sneak peek!

We had our usual birthday breakfast.
Peaches, pears, cinnamon rolls and this year we had heart bacon... 
(cause bacon is good for the heart right?)

I needed one more present for Berkleigh... and then I saw purses at Target. I thought, this might be a stretch, but we will try it... She hasn't taken it off of her body yet. I think she has slept with it.

We played with lots of toys.
They got stamp sets and puzzles and games.
We just played all day!

We have wanted to make water marbles for a long time, and finally I found them at the dollar store. So we messed around with those for at least an hour.

We also took the ladies at the office that work for Tyson tulips and our favorite Trader Joes PB & J candy bars.
I think it is kind of cool to give stuff on your birthday as well as get. They have done that their whole lives and don't know any different.

They went to school and took birthday treats and their valentines.
And came home with lots of stuff to look at and then toss in the garbage. 
Not before the picture was taken though.

The chose to go to the "Littlest Roadhouse" in Salem. It is super yummy. I am glad they chose that because if they had said McDonald's I think I would cry. I hate going out to eat on V day, but it is their birthday, and we went early enough it wasn't a problem, but I would have cried if I had to spend V day night at McDs.

Can't imagine life without these little guys. I guess they aren't so little anymore... I can't believe how old they are. Have I really been a mom for 6 years???
Happy Birthday Merrick and Berkleigh.

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

I am not sure what water marbles are but they look very cool!!! Love Bs purse and the games and your cool wrapping put so much thought and planning into everything...whos daughter are you...and have I really been a grandma for 6 years? WOW...I don't want to think how long I have been a Mom!!!
Love you!!!

tiff said...

I forgot they were born on Valentine's! I love all the balloons on their floor. And the bug cards. Those are some of my favorite.

I have to laugh at the purse thing. I don't have any girls, but it cracks me up to see how many things girls (and boys) just come with. My nieces have preferred mom's high heels, baby dolls of all kinds, and purses from day one. And then my boys have always (ALWAYS!) found a way to make a gun out of anything. Anything. I'm sure you see that a lot with the twins. It just still amazes me...

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday to my most favorite twins ever! 6 years old! Woot Woot!