Sunday, February 3

2nd Port of Call : Cabo San Lucas

We headed back to Cabo for our 2nd Port of Call...
This time we broke up in groups because the kids were not aloud on this adventure... to dangerous... at least with Tyson driving. haha

We got to Cabo, took a bus for 45 minutes into the desert and right on the coast for an ATV tour extravaganza.

The love birds.

We had such a fun group.

ATV tours are fun in Mexico because they could care less about those ATVs. They were all broken. My sister in laws leaked oil the whole time, mine was jimmy-rigged and you had to do this special hand swipe to get it to go in reverse, so they did not care if you rolled them or how fast you drove them.

And so we had a ball. Tyson more so than others...

At the beginning of the tour, they lets us play around on the shore. It was beautiful and nothing but sand, so we just drove as fast as we could and tried to go off jumps. There are very few pictures of Tyson where he is not airbourne.
This was totally his thing.

After we played around on the beach, we went on the tour through the desert, and ended back at the beach. We got off our rides and got to take a break and have some water.

Oh we had water alright. We all really wanted to get in the ocean in Mexico, so we did....
In our clothes. It felt good, but maybe not my smartest plan to be in wet clothes for the ride back.

This was Tyson's favorite excursion.
My favorite excursion was the next day....

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RaeAnn said...

Well that looked like a lot of fun!!! I can't wait to see what your favorite excursion was!!!
Love ya!!