Thursday, January 31

1st Port of Call: Cabo San Lucas

On Christmas Day, we docked in Cabo San Lucas. What a fun Christmas day. It hasn't happened and might never again, that our little family finds ourselves parasailing in Mexico on Christmas day. hehe.

It was such a fun filled day!
Our first photo in Cabo.

After this picture we broke up into smaller groups and went shopping.
 We found these amazing Luchador (Nacho Libre) masks. Merrick had to have one, and Berkleigh found this pretty bracelet she wanted. I love boy/girl twins because they are so much a like, but so different.

We also found this guy who wanted us to "pay" to take a picture with his iguana.
Merrick really wanted to hold it, but we kept saying no. The guy was persistant, and Merrick wanted to so bad, so I asked how much. He said "$5." I said, No thank you, and he said, "Ok, just a tip, just a tip." So this picture happened...
Then I gave him a dollar and he said, "No, I said $5." I glared with my I am not budging teacher look, and said, "You said a tip, and that is a tip." Pushed past him and we walked on.
Oh, that is what I do not like about Mexico. The bartering and everyone in your face trying to get you to take their water taxi. :)

Cabo was beautiful. It was Christmas day and probably 85 degrees. The harbor was darling, and the shops were fun, except I remember Mexico being cheaper....

We got on our water taxi to head out to sea for a little parasailing...

It was super shady! The water was super choppy and the driver was driving so fast.
Then he ran into the parasailing boat. I kinda thought we were gonna die. ha.

They didn't have life jackets for the babies, so I held onto Quincy so tight, and then stole an adult life jacket and stuck her inside. She was not happy and probably scared from the racket and bumps of the boat.

 I wish I had a picture of the driver. He looked like a terrorist.

But once you were up in the air, it was so peaceful. I would definitely parasail again.
Berkleigh going with dad.
(There was a weight limit, so we had to distribute the weight as much as possible. Tyson got to go with Berkleigh, but I didn't get to go with Merrick.)
She is such a little daredevil. She loved every minute of it. I don't think I would have done that when I was little.

Grandpa and Merrick : Brooke and Brittany : Cameron and Jana
It was so fun when our two boats came close and both parasailers could fly by each other.

Merrick and Grandpa

 I got to go with my sister in law Brianna. We had such fun up there. We kept spitting to see how long it took for our spit to hit the water. I decided I am not a good spitter because my spit just kept rolling down my arm.

At one moment, Brianna said, "Hey, Jen! Look at that cute little fish!" 
I said, "Um, we are really high, I don't think it is a cute little fish..."
We freaked out a bit, Shark week came to mind.
And then of all the people to be dipped in the water...
it was us. :)
Any other day I would have been happy, but after a "shark sighting", it was the last thing we wanted to do. The water was so warm though. It was amazing.

It was such a fun day, and also it is so fun to make these kinds of memories with family.
It is also fun to have a family full of photographers. There are so many good pictures of our trip! I can't pick just one.... so here are some more favorites.

When we went back to the big boat, we decided to head to the waterslide.
I love spontaneous moments...

We had two days in Cabo, but our boat left the port, so that they could get out to international waters to open the casino and serve alcohol. (Just shows how much money they make on those activities.)
We took some pictures leaving the port...

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Michelle said...

I am loving your cruise posts!! So fun! Ok, I know the haggling is obnoxious, but that iguana picture of Merrick is PRICELESS!! :) (some lady on our cruise ended up paying a guy $20 for a picture with a little monkey.... she was not as smart as you.)

It looks like you guys had so much fun! We need to get together so you can tell me more about it! :)