Sunday, January 20

Pushing through.

I am not in the mood to blog. I think I just have so much from Christmas I didn't blog, and it was either SOO fun that I have to make an amazing blog post about it and then it makes me not want to do it, or it is January... why do I still want to be talking about Christmas? Oh, well. Here we go, I am going to push through. :)

 Other random Christmas traditions: 
Merrick and Berkleigh love finding the Christmas pickle.

We wrote our annual letters to santa in our Dear Santa book I made last year. We love it.
Finntree takes it back with him, and Santa did not disappoint this year.

You have to have treats while you write your dreams to Santa.

There are no better treats than these little dreams...

We had a little Bokeh photoshoot. To bad Merrick was half naked. 
He looks cute anyways.

 This little one is such a ham. She will do anything for pictures of herself.

I cannot get enough of this face.

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Where did you get those cookies? Have you been holding out on us? I am thinking you must be thinking we had the lamest of traditions while you were growing up. So blessed to have Pinterest and most of all..... your amazing creativity!!!!
Love you!!!

Megan said...

Look at how gorgeous Berkleigh is. Gap catalog watch out! Model B is here!
I know this may seem hum drum to blog all these fun details, but I love it. It helps us stay connected as a family. Then, you can use all these precious posts for your blog book. Remember! What a great incentive. What if we both try to get our books done by the wedding in February. Think we can do it???
Love you, Jennifer.