Wednesday, January 16

Christmas in LOUISIANA

This is our Louisiana trip instagrammed. I chose not to take my big camera with me. I didn't know where to put it, and I didn't want to cart it around with all my other pack mule things and three kids through different airports. I am sad I didn't bring it, but the trusty iPhone came through.

We had so much fun with my parents and our first early Christmas with them. Christmas kind of went on forever this year. :) As you will see by the 10,000 posts coming up. 

From Left to Right:
1. Getting on the plane! These kids were so excited to be on a plane again.
2. Berkleigh and Merrick were a big help with Quincy on the plane. 
3. Mt. Hood from the air. Such a beautiful mountain.
4.Merrick is all smiles. He has been waiting for a plane ride for a long time.
5. Got to grandma's and grandpa's and first things first, break the wishbone. Merrick won, and he wished for Dinosaurs to walk the earth.
6. We went to Gator Chateau! and held alligators.

7. Quincy wanted nothing to do with the alligator.
8. How my twins sleep when they have to share a bed.
9. Got a new necklace!

From Left to Right:
1. My mom made me this awesome family yahtzee game for Christmas with pictures of the kids and Tys and I. 
2. Quincy found this little rocking chair and decided it was just right.
3. Someone was doing the 12 days of Christmas to my parents. My kids LOVED it!
4. Grandpas are so fun!
5. Mom had to be cool too.
6. Can it get any cuter than that face under that hat?
7. Berkleigh got a loose tooth at grandmas house!!!
8. Which sparked an interest in seeing all my old teeth. I did not know my parents got them back from the tooth fairy. :)
9. This is the drawer where my teeth have been sitting for 28 years. Naturally with the christmas jewelry.

We had a wonderful Christmas morning with my parents just two weeks early!

Elf magically flew to Louisiana to be with us for the week. He did lots of cool things, but the coolest was bringing gingerbread house kit with him for us to do.

We had lots of random fun!
Quincy loved the fireplace, but my mom's is OCD clean with candles, so all good! play away!

And I loved that the kids loved to play with the arc that my parents made for me and my brothers when we were little.

We had lots of park fun! 
This is such a cool park with the old firetruck there for the kids to play on.

And there is nothing better than walks with grandpa! If you like skipping rocks in random bodies of water, knocking over huge ant hills, stepping on shadows, and getting carried by grandpas then Louisiana and walks with grandpa are things you should try. 

From left to right:
1. This was Quincy the whole time. Poor girl was dragged around everywhere!
2. Saying goodbye to Uncle Matthew.
3. Saying goodbye to Grandma.
4. Another big helper on the plane!
5. Reunited with Dad, and on his birthday too!
6. Our welcome home to Oregon. Rain and snow, and freezing temperatures.

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tiff said...

So fun! And I am completely in LOVE with the wooden Noah's ark. Does your mom still have a pattern for it??

RaeAnn said...

That looks like so much fun!!! Can we start all over and do it all again? But this time we need Tyson!!!