Sunday, January 20

Christmas in OREGON

You might be wondering if my kids are super confused at where and when Santa comes. I have to say that I am. :) We had three christmas', stockings came early to because "Santa" didn't want to have to buy stuff for our airplane ride, and then turn around and buy stuff for stockings, so he (being SUPER smart) brought stockings on the 9th of December to prepare for our trip to Louisiana. 

Then we had Christmas with my parents in Louisiana, and then we came home and had Christmas on the 20th in Oregon and Santa came early...

Santa always brings his own wrapping paper to our house. Then he leaves the leftovers so we can use it later. So thoughtful.

 The older the twins get, the more fun Christmas is. They look forward to our traditions, and we have so much fun watching them open presents and seeing magic in their eyes. Quincy had no idea what was going on, and that is ok. It was nice not to have to get her presents... or as many presents. hehe

So excited to open their Santa presents. 
Merrick asked for Nerf guns and remote control cars and Berkleigh asked for a jewelry box and jewels...

Merrick got his Nerf gun. Glow in the dark and semi automatic. He was so excited!

Berkleigh got the prettiest jewelry box from Potterybarn kids. I loved it! Santa also brought her a Vintage Pearl "B" initial necklace and I threw in all of my charms from my charm bracelet. Well not all of them, I can give her more of them for her birthday and other Christmases.

 We got some staple movies from Target Black Friday deals and I made these awesome bow and arrows with some friends for Merrick. He got two bows so he can play with Berkleigh or another friend that comes over. They seriously shoot so far! I love gifts that cost like $3 to make, but get the most use.

Clothes! Games!
PS. If you are looking for a game, "Spot it" is the game for you. My kids can get it down and play by themselves. It is so fun and doesn't require much from me. I love games like that, plus we love to play it as a family.

 Berkleigh asked for Boy Barbies for her princesses. So nice to find them on sale and then on clearance at our Disney outlet. Yes, thank you! :) 
We got Tyson a GoPro for Christmas. He will be putting that camera on his surfboard, and we used it while in Mexico zip lining and atving. More on that later!

 We had such a fun little Christmas as our own little family. We just lounged around in our jammies all day, except for Tyson cause he had to leave for work, but it was so fun to be cold outside and nice and warm inside with me and the kids shooting each other with bows.

 We can't forget this little miss and her two presents. We can't live any longer without Rudolph, so yes, Quincy! Merry Christmas.

 She also got a pair of Toms, which have since been returned because her feet outgrew them from when I bought them to her opening them. (She is growing up to fast!) 

 Merry Christmas! Now its time to jump in the car and drive to California for Christmas numero tres!

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