Monday, October 22

a second time around...

What did I tell ya, I knew we would be back!
Saturday was supposed to be a dismal dreary rainy day, which suprisingly turned out to be ga-gorgeous!
We hopped in the car and took Tyson to the patch.

photo bomb

Look at those clouds!

We are such Californians. Rainbows at the muddy patch. Typical.

Tyson found what he was looking for! I pumpkin long enough and wide enough to carve
 Salem Foot and Ankle Clinic on it.

 Weighing in at 38 lbs.

Ready to buy it!

And the cuties with the typical hay bale photo op.

They had this wheat pit. Probs the coolest thing ever.
Quincy did not want to get out of there.

2 love notes:

Brianna Smith said...

What awesome clouds! And those kids! Too Cute! I laugh every time I look at Tyson's upside down picture try. I think those wheat piles (we went to a corn one) are so much better than sand. I think it's better to find kernels in your kids clothes than itty bitty sand grains!

Kristy said...

You will be so disappointed with me! I haven't done very many Halloween things this year. So sad. I haven't even gone to a pumpkin patch! Berkleigh's outfit is so cute in these pictures!