Sunday, October 21

110 lbs for $5.

That is how much I paid for our pumpkins.
I have really grown to love the fall here in Oregon.
It is beautiful, and the farms right outside of town have the most amazing produce...
and it is so cheap.

I love giving my kids this kind of experience.
It was 4:30 pm the day before my big craft night I had to put on for church, and I started worrying.
I knew it was going to start raining the next day, and then when would we ever get to the pumpkin patch?
So, I made the decision in 2 seconds that we were jumping in the car and heading to the patch!
We were sad that we had to leave dad at work, but real pumpkin patches close at 6 because it is dark, and there are no parking lot lights to light it up at night. :)

I had never been to this patch, but had heard great things...
Oh, the pumpkins were beautiful!

We had to brush away the leaves, find the stem and kick the pumpkins off the vines.
And the stems! I have never seen pumpkins like this before!

Berkleigh found hers first...
She loves it because of the color, and she likes tall skinny ones.

I found mine next. Short fat and still a little green.

The kids were really helpful with Q cause I had her, 5 pumpkins equaling out to over 110 lbs of pumpkin in a wheelbarrow I could hardly push over all the vines.

We are going to have to come back with Tyson... it is too fun to stay away!

5 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

I love pumpkins with actual stems...awesome!!!
Love ya!!!

Maren B said...

Isn't it great?!

Sheryl said...

I LOVE pumpkin patches. The real kind, not the pumpkin "patch" piles here in Phoenix. There's nothing like tromping through to find the perfect one. What a beautiful pumpkin patch!

Brianna Smith said...

Ah! We paid $12 altogether for admissions and a pumpkin. Next year, we are coming to Oregon! :)

Kristy said...

The picture with Quincy on Merrick's hip is adorable. But the last picture on this post with them sitting in the pumpkins? Best picture ever!