Wednesday, October 24

Costco jammies

Oh Costco.
How we love your $7 jammies.
Quincy is still too small for the smallest size, but I couldn't resist.

She LOVED them. 
So soft, and the bumps on the bottom of the feet... 
so fun to touch.

3 love notes:

Brianna Smith said...

Man oh man how I wish I had a costco next door (like we do now) while in Italy. Taryn took so many big falls in her jammies (without skid bumps) I also know where to stock up this year with cheap winter jammies- I love living less than a mile from Costco!

RaeAnn said...

So cute!!! Just want to hug her!!!
Love you guys!!!

Kristy said...

Darling! I need to go buy some more pjs at Costco! Pjs being used a third time are starting to show!