Sunday, September 16

the Karate Kid

My friend Rachel and I decided to put Berkleigh and Tessa in ballet. They have been dying to do it, and we have this great little (affordable) dance company close to us, so we did it!

Well, Tessa's sister Emory, wanted nothing to do with ballet... nothing. (I love that!) And obviously Merrick didn't either, but we felt that they both needed to be able to have an extracurricular activity too... Emory chose Karate and Merrick with stars in his eyes said YES!

So, we have had our first lesson, and I think they love it...
Although their teacher is from the 80's with her blue mascara and shadow.
Wow. She is a treat.

I just went to the park with my friend Rachel (mother of Emory and Tessa) and Emory and Merrick were in the field practicing what they learned on their very first day.
so. cute.
Waiting for Emory to come and class to start.

Planking exercises.

Jumping jacks... incredibly amazing.
Learning some punching... want to eat him alive in that little stance of his.

Practicing some "wax on, wax off" techniques on the punching bags.

Learning some side kick action.
Total amazingness to watch.

But of all amazingness, I think this picture of Emory takes the cake.
Seriously, how cute is she attacking that punching bag?

6 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Merrick looks super cute!!! How long to we have to wait to see B in her tutu?
Love ya!!!

The Maughans said...

So, So Good! I'm glad I have you to document my childrens' lives. And in all fairness to Tessa and Berkleigh, they ARE "that Cute"!

Michelle Evans said...

:) love it! looks like loads of fun! at least blue eye shadow is better than the cobra kai sensei :) looks like they're going to have a blast!

sherylblog1 said...

Um...LOVE that your twins are doing ballet and karate and so are my oldest two. They would make the bestest of friends if we ever get them together. I think Karate is awesome, it's too hot here for Blake to where his white jacket yet...I'm so looking forward to it though :) I haven't taken any pictures during their classes yet, but I need to.

The Polson Family said...

He looks so cute!!! I am in love, love with his freckles on his nose!

Kristy said...

I love him. He is so darn cute doing some karate chops!