Monday, September 17

Artichoke flying

We LOVE artichokes in our family. We eat them at least once a week.
They can be kind of expensive, but if you get them at Trader Joes, you can get 4 for $2. 
The twins LOVE them. Who can argue? They are eating a vegetable packed with protein. 
(Please don't look to closely at my daughter's DIRTY nails... unfortunately the nail polish stopped covering the nastiness. :)

 I think part of the fun of eating them is sliding your teeth along the leaf and then THROWING it into the leaf pile. 
Seriously, I pocket full of fun every time.

 This time it was extra fun because Quincy thought it was the funniest thing ever.
She had the greatest belly laugh every single time one flew to the pile.
So we made more of a mess this particular dinner because Quincy was so entertaining.

3 love notes:

Brianna Smith said...

So cute! I love that you captured a normal family dinner. Memories!

garcias said...

We love artichokes as well. Although we don't eat them as much because we dip them in mayo. It is kind of a mayo overload after one.

Kristy said...

Do people not love artichokes? It is like treasure when you get to the inside and get to eat the "meat". Yum.