Wednesday, September 12


The twins started kindergarten yesterday.
What a great day for them! They were so excited and ready.

They have the cutest teacher in a brand new school.

They have friends in their class and they have each other.
(I wanted them in separate classes, but when I saw them go in different directions but keep looking up to keep an eye on each other, my heart melted. How could I have wanted something different than that?)

We had a special breakfast yesterday morning with homemade cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon, and bananas. We talked about how we wanted the year to go, and what things were important for us to learn, academic and life skills.

We decided on a motto for the year which was "Stand Out".
We just thought it was important to us to stand out as a great friend, student, and child.
If someone is lonely and doesn't have a friend, we need to stand out and notice and go be friends.
If our teacher needs us to be very quiet while she tells us what to do, we need to stand out and listen and obey.

Tyson gave each of them their first Father's Blessing. That is a special way we like to open a new school year and to understand how much our Heavenly Father loves us.

We took our tradition first day of school picture after writing their names.
Left is last year, Right is this year.

I am amazed at how much older Berkleigh looks and how much better she writes her name!
Enter lowercase and her last name!

Again, so much taller and no little boy look anymore and look at the name difference!
He still writes the first half of his name with his left hand and the last half with his right. I love it.

I love that Tyson works for himself because he took an extended lunch so that he could come take the kids to school.

 Waiting for kindergarten to start and their new backpacks!!

We walked in and their teacher knew their names and had everything ready for them. They jumped right in, and didn't even notice that I was there.

Putting their backpacks away.

And starting their centers.

It is weird for me to let go of the control.
I don't know what they are doing everyday, what the kids say to them, if they are bullied, or if they feel included.
I ask and we talk, and I hope they tell me... I do love that they have each other and have each others backs. It is weird for me to think I used to be that teacher, and now I am the parent.
Time sure does fly. I don't feel any older than that 23 year old teacher self at Franklin Elementary in Provo... but 9 years, three kids, 10 years of marriage later, I am a better version of myself (I hope).

4 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

So cute...It looks like Berkleigh has the cute girlie hand writing down already...
Great job Mom!!! Hope you had a great day!!!
Love ya!!!

Jenny said...

They are so grown up! I can relate to all of those feelings you mentioned with losing control. Up until now I've had my kids in a little bubble and we are starting to break out of it. That must be a weird feeling to be the parent now and not the teacher!

The Ward Family said...

They look so old! It feels like yesterday you had two little babies down the street getting ready for nursery...we miss you guys!!

Kristy said...

How are your kids so big? They are the cutest kindergarteners ever!