Friday, August 17

California here we come (Part 4: OC Fair)

We were so excited that the OC Fair was going on while we were there.

We decided to go to the fair on the free day. We just needed to bring 5 articles of clothing to donate.
I LOVE fairs, but I am not much of a carnie ride person...
this time though we did something I have never done before.

We ate lots of fried stuff.

My sister in law Brittany bought the Krispy Kreme jelly filled doughnut chicken sandwich.

I bought deep fried Oreos.

and Kristy bought a Deep Fried Klondike Bar.

Then we shared.

I must say the chicken sandwich really wasn't that bad. It tasted like a Monte Cristo Sandwich.
The fried oreos were the best though.
I won't be eating that stuff till the next time I go to the fair. Once a year is ok, right?

We went to the farm.

We watched other people ride the rides.
Am I mean?

We walked around and loved the crazy people and the great atmosphere.

 It doesn't hurt to have someone push your kids around when you go too.
Thanks Kristy. You got lots of funny stares.

So fun.

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Kristy said...

I may not love fairs, but I loved that I went with you guys! I enjoyed trying the fried treats. I can't believe the chicken thing was good. it goes against everything I believe!