Saturday, August 18

California here we come (Part 5: Garbage Trucks)

Our little friend Graham turned 2 while we were there. We were invited to his birthday party.
My friend Kristy is brilliant. The kid loves garbage trucks, so she set up a free tour of the garbage facility.

He loved it.
We loved it.

We got to take pictures by the garbage trucks.

 We got to go on a golf cart and look at the recycables, the trash and lots of dirty things.

They gave the kids these tiny little garbage cans. You better believe that they are the trash cans for Berkleigh's Dollhouse. 

I think Kristy gets an A+ for the best and easiest birthday party. Graham loved it and so did every other kid.

4 love notes:

Jenny said...

We did that over Christmas because my nephew Carson is obsessed with garbage trucks too! Such a random thing to do, but my girls do love their little trash cans!

RaeAnn said...

How fun!!! Kind of random but fun!!! Did they get to keep the little orange vests they had on ? Cute!!
Love ya!!!

Megan said...

So cleaver! Just this week my neighbor, Kathyrn, was saying she was raised saluting the garbage man and grabbing him a cool beverage every time he came by. I think a tour of the recycling center would be very interesting!

Kristy said...

It was pretty fun! I loved that we got to ride in a golf cart because we were wearing flip flops. Thanks for joining me in the fun!