Sunday, August 12


I have been running around like crazy.
First I left for almost 2 weeks on a great vacation to Southern California to visit friends and family. I went with the kids and without Tyson. Yes, another 16 hour trip by myself.

I got back on the 6th of August rushed around for a couple days getting ready to put on Enrichment on the 9th. 

On the 10th at 4 am we left for Sunriver, Oregon for a conference Tyson had. We played for three days and just got home. Tomorrow I have to do laundry from two trips... and get start thinking about Super Saturday, which I have to put on in October.

(Picture taken by me while we were lost looking for some fish hatchery. I think it is Mt. Jefferson.)

SO i am tired.

I need some rest so no blogging for me tonight.
I need to take it easy because my sister in laws come on Friday night, we have a wedding Saturday, and  then a week from Friday my parents come!

Then school starts, and where did summer go?

Ok, gonna go relax. Blog later.

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Remember when we come we are your helpers!!! So no worries!!!
Love ya!!!

Megan said...

Heavens! I thought my life was busy! Whew. Good luck with the crazy schedule.