Wednesday, June 6

memorial day

This was our first Memorial Day in Oregon. I knew that I couldn't be disappointed when the sun was hidden behind a GAZILLION clouds, but when the sun was hidden behind a GAZILLION clouds, I did get disappointed.
I am used to having glorious picnics, swim parties, and beach days on small holidays like this...

We did make the best of it though!
We went to Silver Falls State Park.

Look at this beautiful field we drove past...
Totally yellow!
Enjoyed a picnic with friends, hiked to the waterfall, and later had a wienie roast in our backyard.
We had thirteen kids and 9 adults in our backyard that night. It was fun!

We tried a new kind of s'more I found on pinterest.
Introducing the S'm'oreo.
Um, it was interesting. I think I will stick to regular s'mores instead.

2 love notes:

Kristy said...

I've never heard of the smoreo. Kind of gross, but then I thought that about smores with peeps and I really like those. Missed you while we bbq'd. We need you here. I always forget to take pictures!

RaeAnn said...

More chocolate and less graham cracker...I think I would like that!!!
Love ya!!!