Wednesday, June 6

Silver Falls Revisited

So, our friend Ian came into town from AZ to get his feet casted for orthotics.
Tyson is his podiatrist.
We will be going to AZ to get our root canals. 
He is our Endodontist.

It works out great.
We get to visit with friends and have exchange medical/dental services for free - airfare, which really is cheaper than paying for the work done.

We decided to go to Silver Falls again to show Ian a good time.
It was pouring down rain, so Ian, Berkleigh and Tyson went hiking to the waterfall. 
I stayed in the car with the Quinc-a-tron and the sleeping Merrick.

Three went to the falls and 6 came back.

Tyson is hardcore. This is gross.

3 love notes:

Kristy said...

Ew Tyson, that is gross! Doesn't that thing suck blood? I totally forgot the name. Argh. My brain is terrible lately. That place looks beautiful! I love that you call her Quinc-a-tron. Hilarious. We call Deacon a few names these days. Deacon Von Freakenstein, Deac the freak, Deacmo, Stinkin Deacon, to name a few. He he

RaeAnn said...

That is just a slug right?

JS said...

yes, that is a slug, it is not a leech. :) I wish it were yellow. I love banana slugs...