Monday, June 4

daily happenings

that I have pictures of, but never thought I would blog...

Merrick and Berkleigh learned to ride without training wheels in March.
(Should have blogged about that...)
Anyways, they are pretty good, but it is harder to go on bike rides because they don't know how to turn or  go for long periods of time without getting tired...
Plus, riding bikes should require no help from me right? I should be able to sit on the drive way and watch them ride up and down, but I when they go straight down the driveway they have to stop, hop off, and then I have to go down there, help them back on, and push start them. With turning, I don't have to do anything.

So the other day, I told them, "Our goal today, is to learn to turn on our bikes!"
We went outside, and worked on it, and they learned it!

It was a great afternoon.

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Looks like it was a really pretty day!!!
Love ya!!!

Shari said...

Oh! My children BEG to have bikes. I keep telling them, "Maybe one day..." That's awesome that the twins are already riding without training wheels!

Kristy said...

How fun! I need to teach Dallin to ride a bike with training wheels, but that would mean I would have to buy one. He refuses to let me show him how to ride on the tricycle.
I really do love Berkleigh's short hair. She looks so much older!