Monday, April 23


This weekend has been GORGEOUS! 
Like 86 degree high GORGEOUS.
Oh Sun, please never leave me again.
This is coming home from our friends BBQ.

I have been waiting for this weekend, as my weather app on my phone has said it would so so pretty!
Saturday morning I grumbled in my house as the clouds were still hovering so close to the earth...
and then around noon they disappeared, and left a beautiful weekend.
My friend Rachel and I went to the park, and each are now sporting some awesome sunburns, like I could teach Farmers Tans 101 and I haven't even been in the sun for longer than a day. :)

We wore sun hats, saltwater sandals, and squinted a bit!

I just laid on the grass and read a book, Q sat in her bumbo and Merrick and Berkleigh colored, oh! and I took pictures of our beautiful cherry tree in the front of our house!...
Yes, I am obsessed much with these trees!

Popcorn really was popping uh... on the cherry tree.

Then today, after church, we had a lovely BBQ with our friends. The kids played in the backyard and we just sat around and talked. It was a perfect day.

Best news, the sun is coming back tomorrow and Tuesday!

2 love notes:

The Maughans said...

It's so Oregonian of us to get sunburned on the first day over 70. We're practically natives, with you sweating "grass", and all!

Kristy said...

Your little picnic outside makes me miss you! We still have picnics, but they sure aren't the same without you. Tear. I'm going to go eat some bluebell ice cream to drown my sorrows.