Saturday, April 21

5 months

I am almost sad...
How is Quincy five months old? 
That means that next month she will be half a year old.  (I am quick, aren't I?)
Where does the time go?

But who can be sad, when you get to stare at this yummy thing everyday.

She wakes up so happy after her 4 hour naps.
I have dream nappers, and it take a little longer for them to sleep through the night, but I will take two 3 to 4 hour naps!

Is she trying to be consumed as my mid morning snack?
Who actually sleeps with their hands together (other one is hiding under the swaddle) next to their head like in cartoons.

I love seeing the bonds she is forming with the twins.
Quincy will be crying, but if Berkleigh says, "Thats my teach-er!" "Thats my teacher!" 
Quincy laughs and laughs...

And Merrick is so sweet with her. He was playing on the floor with her before he was distracted my his quiet time movie, and she grabbed his finger and held on for almost 10 minutes.
He just let her.
And she was VERY excited about that.

I watched my friends kids last night so they could go see Hunger Games. Tyson is out of town in Chicago, and so I had 6 kids under the age of 7 at my house. I very quickly wondered how I ever survived newborn twins.
This is one of Quincy's boyfriends. His name is Dax and he weighs 6 lbs more than Quincy, but was only born a week before her. :)
He is a being a good boyfriend and giving her some support while she cries.
And if she wasn't crying, he was...
It was a nice trade off.

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Cutest smiles ever!! She is growing so fast you are going to need a new family picture!!!
Love ya!!!

Shelley said...

Oh please...dimples and all! She is a doll

Maren B said...

She is so stinkin' cute with those dimples. My babe turns 6 months on Saturday and it's wigging me out.