Wednesday, April 25

Princess Cafe

Berkleigh REALLY wanted Tessa to come over for a tea party and to play with her new Rapunzel hair that my mom made her for Easter.

So we cordially invited Tessa for an outing to the Princess Cafe.

Oh man, there is nothing funnier than two little girls dressing up like princesses.
Tessa has on an Ariel dress, Rapunzel wig, Aurora crown, princess shoes, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings.
They were CRAZED princesses, but so gracious and very proper with their Princess Pinkies.

The bummer with having boy/girl twins, is that when they are older and LIKE boy or girl things, it is hard to have play dates with their friends cause one or the other feels a little excluded.
"Merrick and Jackson won't play dolls with me." tear tear.
"Mom, Berkleigh and Tessa are trying to make me have a baby." ha ha.

So I had to get creative! Berkleigh/ Tessa, princess extravaganza and tea!!
What will Merrick do?
Well, we decided he could be the server...

He put on a white shirt and tie, and hung a towel over his arm.
He said things like, "What can I get you, my lady?"
"Would you like more tea?"


Berkleigh is killing me with her poses.

I am glad Merrick likes to be a part of Princess Tea Parties, because I am pretty sure we will be having many more! :)

3 love notes:

Harris Family said...

that is too cute!

Michelle said...

That looks so fun! (What a great idea for Merrick too!) I know Aliyah would have loved to join in. The Rapunzel hair is amazing. You're Mom did such a great job. Miss you guys. Love ya!

Kristy said...

First things first, RaeAnn, you are AMAZING! That wig is absolutely fabulous. I want one for me! he he Merrick is so cute to serve the girls. I miss you sister wife!