Monday, April 2


I love conference weekend. It is a time to be with family, eat yummy food, and to listen to the leaders of our church.

Friday, we had a party for our friend Cory. His family was on a trip so we had a dessert party for him, and then the guys all went out to see a movie.

I made this... found on pinterest here
They were good, but you can't make them very often...
Bottom layer: Cookie dough
Middle layer: Oreos
Top layer: Brownie Mix
Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.
It was pretty gooey wonderfulness.
Conference consisted of...

Coloring together...

Listening to conference in a tent like King Benjamin...
Merrick and Berkleigh wanted to do this after our scripture readings lately...

Cinnamon Rolls!
I will confess I am not a good cinnamon roll baker, but these were good! I have been practicing and I think it is paying off. I thought these ones were pretty yummy!

And some sleeping, not his fault cause I procrastinated making the cinnamon rolls, so I made him stay up WAY TO LATE! with me to make them. :) So the nap was well deserved.

PS. Quincy was supposed to be napping too, but no such luck! At least she was the happiest girl alive chillin with daddy!

And there you go, conference in a nutshell.
We miss being close to family for conference, but where ever we go we have made good friends that fill that void. 

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Can we make some while we are there?
Either one or both!!!
Love ya!!

garcias said...

I love the picture where Quincy is suppose to be asleep. But who can be angry with a smile like that!