Sunday, March 25

our weekend

From left to right...

1. On a walk we enjoyed the recent melted snow in stream form with a few stick races.
2. Spring has sprung, it was probably 70 degrees yesterday!
3. Shrunken kids at the Children's Museum on Friday in the sunshine!
4. I busted out my RAINBOWS! My feet felt free!
5. Merrick shopping for some food at the children's museum.
6. Berkleigh decorated our car with flowers. 
7. Made more flowers for Quincy's blessing dress... I think I am close to being done!
8. Bubble Room, our favorite at the children's museum.
9.Quincy happy to see sunshine and to wear her first hat.

To sum up this weekend has been full of SUN SUN SUN!
I loved every second of it...

PLUS, a GDO (girls day out) to see Hunger Games.
It was fabulous!

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

The flowers are looking great!!!
Now you will just have to attach them!!! Or is that my job? when we get there?
Love once Bs hat on Q and of course the smile!!!
Sounds like a fun weekend!!
Love ya!!!

Becky said...

So I noticed a long time ago that you said you loved Downton Abbey, have you seen this site:
It has season 2 of Downton Abbey on it. The site isn't working right today (at least not for me) but it usually does. Just thought I'd pass it along in case you can't wait for it to come out on Netflix. I know I can't.