Monday, April 2

Quadruple Threat

Berkleigh is more than a triple threat..
She took to new heights..

Take a look.
(Sorry, my phone video recordings aren't stellar...)

1. Singing/Song writing
It is hard to hear cause Quincy is crying but these are words she is singing
"But just don't cry
even my whispers can't cry
 But don't just cry
 just feeling my feelings and keep them warm
as you are the goodiest baby in the world,
so all these babies don't cry for me.
and you can't cry for anyone in me
just don't cry all the time
but you are the baby
I don't want you to cry!"

2. Acting

3. Dancing

4. Beatboxing...

I need to find her an agent, stat.

2 love notes:

Maren B said...

ohmagoodness I love the song for Quincy. very reminiscent of some of the stuff that comes out of Eva's mouth.

RaeAnn said...

Can't wait to see her in person and get her autograph!!!