Monday, March 19

St. Patrick's Day

I love to celebrate little holidays like they are big...
If you haven't noticed.

Well, I called on the Leprechauns, and they pulled through
Turned our house upside down to find all the green things possible, trailed them throughout the house, and then onto the couch. 
They really made a mess.

Then those busy little guys made us a yummy breakfast!

Rainbow pancakes, rainbow shish kabobs, green eggs, and they even turned our milk green!


I love that the only green Berkleigh and Merrick could find to sleep in were Christmas pjs.

We dressed in our green for the day... 

and later that night we went to our friends, The Parkers, for some good ol' Corned Beef and Cabbage, BYU mint brownies, mint ice cream, Irish Soda Bread and Sprite with Lime.
(I hate when I forget the picture until after we have eaten...)

Then we played Leprechauns, and hid chocolate gold coins all over the house for the little guys to find...
This one was hidden the very hardest.

and that concluded our crazy fun greeny day!

4 love notes:

Jenny said...

I love that you go all out for random holidays. I was happy the leprechaun visited Kate's preschool so he didn't have to come to our house! Ha.

B's hair looks really cute!!

RaeAnn said...

Quincy looks like she just wanted to gobble up those pancakes!!! How fun!!!
Love ya!!!

Kristy said...

Whenever I see Quincy's sweet little face I just want to run to Oregon and give her love! She is delicious.

Kristy said...

Oh, and you're pancakes look so good! I didn't add enough color to mine. But your mil pancakes are my go to now. They taste the best!